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ZIP MAIL Terms & Conditions


1. These simplified Terms and Conditions set out the only agreement made each time the Customer as sender of Post (letters, packets or goods) instructs Zip Mail Ltd (Zip Mail) to collect or receive a Consignment of Post and effect the delivery thereof. Further conditions may be applied by Zip Mail to particular Consignments through a written quotation or current price list. Further details are at

2. These Terms shall be governed by English law and the Customer’s statutory rights and entitlements are not affected. The invalidity or unenforceability of any provision shall not affect other parts of these Terms and Conditions. Transportation legislation and the Postal Services Act shall be deemed to be incorporated into these Terms.

3. Under the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 the Customer is hereby notified that Zip Mail’s telecommunications may be monitored in order to establish the existence of facts, ascertain compliance with regulatory or self-regulatory procedures, for training and quality control, and for preventing or detecting crime.


1. to adequately address and package each item of Post to enable Zip Mail to make safe and effective delivery. Full street and postcode details are required as Zip Mail cannot deliver if only a PO Box number or only a postcode is given. If appropriate, the Customer should retain duplicate copies or arrange insurance of valuable documents and contents;

2. to indemnify Zip Mail against all fines, claims, costs or expenses arising from the conveyance of the Customer’s Post and warrant that the contents of the Post are safe and acceptable for transportation. Hazardous materials or dangerous goods prohibited or restricted by Government or other relevant organisations are unacceptable for conveyance by Zip Mail as are pornography, illegal drugs or uninsured precious items;

3. to notify Zip Mail in advance of the quantity, weight and format of each consignment of Post and present it correctly in the appropriate trays, sacks or pouches together with the fully completed Zip Mail documentation and ensure that the Customer’s employees, agents and sub-contractors co-operate with Zip Mail;

4. to pay in full for the costs of services supplied by Zip Mail in advance or within the credit limit agreed in writing by Zip Mail. Charges under the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act will additionally be payable by the Customer and Zip Mail can exercise a lien on or withhold delivery of Post if debts are unpaid.


1. to use all reasonable means to secure the safe and timely delivery of Customer’s Post to the addresses provided. Zip Mail reserves the right to convey Post by any route or carrier it deems appropriate but delivery times are not guaranteed by Zip Mail;

2. wherever possible, to return undeliverable items to the Customer stating the reason for non-delivery. Zip Mail may charge for returning items if addresses are not up to date or attempted delivery was made by another postal service;

3. not to be liable for any loss or damage or delay in the carriage or delivery of Post which is beyond the control of Zip Mail. Liability for Customer’s Post whilst it is within Zip Mail’s control or custody shall be limited to the payment by way of damages of a sum of £10 per consignment or the value of the delivery fees due to Zip Mail, whichever is the greater. Zip Mail shall not be liable for consequential losses in any circumstances;

4. to investigate and deal promptly with any claim made by a Customer. Claims must be made in writing within 28 days of the day that an item of Post should have reached its destination.


Liability for transportation of Post outside the UK shall be governed by the Warsaw Convention and, where necessary, the Customer authorises Zip Mail to complete waybills and customs documentation as its agent, including inspection of contents if necessary.

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