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ZIP MAIL FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Below are some common questions we get asked regarding Zip Mail.
If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us at

Q. How do I get my mail into the Zip Mail delivery system?

A. Either take your mail to the nearest Zip Mail office or arrange a collection. We offer free collection for 100 items or more in our own representatives’ delivery areas. Email your address and postal requirements to us at for details of your nearest representative.

Q. When do I pay the postage? Can I still use stamps or a franking machine?

A. The first time you use Zip Mail, you will need to pay us the postage before your mail is given to us. This can be by credit card, company cheque or BACS transfer. Email your telephone number, name and mail requirements to and we will prepare and email you a pro-forma invoice with more information. Account facilities are available for repeat customers. You don’t need stamps as Zip Mail does all the franking for you.

Q. What happens if you are unable to deliver my mail?

A. If you have printed a return address on your envelopes and the addressee has gone away, has no letter box or access, or the address is insufficient, we or our agents will affix a sticker indicating this and return the item to you. Zip Mail cannot deliver to PO Box numbers, so please ensure the full address is given as well.

Q. I have received an item of mail from Zip Mail that’s not meant for me. What do I do?

A. If it is for someone at your address who is no longer there, or for an address which no longer exists (e.g. derelict or demolished buildings), please write this on the envelope, cross out the address with a single line, and mark it “return to sender”. If it has been delivered to the wrong address, please contact giving your address and the address on the envelope.

Q. What assurances can you give me that my mail will be dealt with professionally?

A. Zip Mail has a Performance Management System which tracks batches of mail sent between our offices. All our collection, sorting and delivery people are closely supervised and operate under licence issued by Postcomm, the Government postal services regulator. It is a criminal offence to interfere with mail and so we take security very seriously.

If you have any concerns about Zip Mail’s integrity you can also contact Postwatch or Zip Mail Corporate Office:
Freepost Postwatch, 08456 013 265 , and
Zip Mail Ltd, 47 Chancery Lane, London WC2A 1RF

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